Dear John Lennon (RIP) & Yoko Ono, Regarding the plight of The Promissiled Land

Road TearsWould you mind if  we sing  “Make Peace The Choice” instead of “Give Peace A Chance”  ?

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Poetic Personal Ads: Ripe For The Picking

sweet mounds of purple
summer aching to burst upon
tempted tongues willing to cozy up
to muffin batter in a 400 degree
oven or cram a piecrust jam jar
freezer bag tagged “home-grown berries”
pleasantly plump a little seedy looking
for nimble fingers not afraid to get stained or
pained by a few pricks if you’ve got the
digits we’ve got the delectables so reply
to “neglectables” aka the blackberry
bush in affluent alley but don’t
dilly dally because while the
rich go produce shopping
the ripe go rot rot
rotting away
copyright Robyn Michele Levy 2011 
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“Disability and Desire Aren’t Mutually Exclusive”

stripe couple Animation3

If you missed Sexy Sick Chic Lit‘s recent show at Kickstart‘s Disability Arts & Culture Festival, don’t worry — The Peak was there! Curious? Check out Clara Chow‘s review.

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“One Nipple Up!” for Winner of “Make David Sedaris Happy!” Contest

Congratulations to Steph from Toronto! She wins the Make David Sedaris Happy! Contest and the two fabulous prizes: a signed copy of my book and the renaming of my breast prosthesis to Steph (originally called Dolores) .   Not only did Steph Fed Ex me his new book — Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls —  she had him autograph it for especially for me. She says, “David Sedaris was very sweet and spent time chatting with each person as he signed their book(s). When I finally got my chance to meet him, I gave him  Most Of Me.  He asked about you and your memoir. Then, after reading Ms. Mastectomy’s blurb — “One Nipple Up!” — he wrote, “I look forward to reading your book.” Me too! Thanks Steph!!

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Robyn Michele Levy Hangs Out With Michael J. Fox

We meet again on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Parkinson’s Disease
Lucky Man is currently ranked #1,
Most Of Me  is currently ranked #2.
Please pass the Carbidopa/Levodopa

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Sexy Sick Chic Lit Performs at Slocan Hall in Vancouver Thursday, June 12

kimrobynsunAnimation4 Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture invites you to a literary evening of desire and disability featuring Kim Clark and Robyn Levy — aka Sexy Sick Chic Lit.
Venue: Slocan Hall
Address: 2750 E. 29th
Date: Thursday, June 12
Time: 7:30 PM

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Family Happiness Haiku

Naomi Saturna Happy Haikuhappiness travels
at the speed of delight
from child to parent

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April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

Parkinson's Scrabble

Parkinson’s Scrabble

In  2010, the U.S. Senate designated April as Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Since then, Parkinson’s communities around the globe have boosted their year-round PD awareness campaigns every April. Considering approximately 6.3 million people worldwide have this affliction, public education is important. It promotes understanding, compassion, community, research, treatments, philanthropy  and hope. And for this, I am grateful. But as someone who has Parkinson’s disease and must cope with the myriad symptoms – every second of every minute of every day of every month – I would welcome a designated month, or even one designated day of escape from PD. And I’d call it a Parkinson’s Holiday.

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Update From Robyn Michele Levy’s Nose

rose cry Animation1I’ve been plucked! My very first noselash!  

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Update From Robyn Michele Levy’s Brain

This week is full of joy and sorrow:
My mother passed away 2 years ago this March 14th
My sister’s birthday is March 15th
My daughter’s birthday is March 19th
Maintain regular medication regime while riding emotional roller-coaster.
Do not adjust your scream.

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