Praise & Blurbs

Most of Me: Surviving My Medical Meltdown

“In her debut memoir, Levy provides a dark-humored account of being afflicted with both Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer…What initially seemed like a dual death sentence provided Levy with a new lease on life, reuniting her with friends and family, all of whom reminded her of the many blessings that remained. A traumatic tale surprisingly liberated by laughter.”
Kirkus Reviews, Jun 1, 2012

“It is a brave story, not because of the private emotional reality she bares – all memoirs require that. It’s her determined levity in the face of so much suffering that’s heartbreaking and raw.”
Sarah Hampson, Globe & Mail

“It’s serious stuff, but Levy’s writing style is so accessible and compelling that reading her memoir feels like sitting down with a good friend over coffee to hear the latest. Every page is loaded with emotion so heart-wrenching it’s almost unbearable, yet her tone is so engaging, her humour so dark, that you can’t help but keep reading.”
– Gail Johnson, Georgia Straight

“Robyn Levy, never one to do things by half, was diagnosed with two life-altering illnesses. Most of me is her funny / sad and delightfully bawdy account of a dangerous and memorable journey. Long may she travel, and more may she write.”
 Bill Richardson, CBC Radio host, author

“Equally seduced and tortured, I am left in pieces with her words covering my heart. Her journey is triumphant and turbulent, and her integrity and honesty, simultaneously, broke and healed my heart, fresh from my own journey through breast cancer. Robyn’s story was so riveting and endearingly funny in her wonderful words, I hungrily devoured them like a monster.”
Bif Naked, recording artist, breast cancer survivor

“An astonishing debut from a writer adept at handling the delicate balance between laughter and tears. I experienced both in this story – a memoir, about disease, family, love, loss and the incredible human facility to rise above the cards we’re dealt.”
–  Cori Howard, author/editor of Between Interruptions: Thirty Women Tell the Truth about Motherhood

“This is a deliciously poetic, humour-laced narrative by a courageous and wickedly honest woman who has been handed a mountain of medical lemons in the prime of her life.  Robyn Levy’s spirit will stick with you long after you finish the book.”
–   Rhona Raskin, radio host, author

david sedaris6David Sedaris Postcard

“I accidently left your book  in the seat back of an airplane the day after I got it. I liked the first page though.” — David Sedaris

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