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World Parkinson Congress 2016 Launches “Portland Countdown” #WPCPodcast Today — Tuesday June 2, 2015

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about Portland Countdown.  This new series of free educational podcasts — hosted by two highly experienced journalists (who are also living with Parkinson’s) — … Continue reading

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Sayonara Synthetic Dyes — I Was Still Raised on Kraft Dinner® and Gold Stars!

Raised on Kraft Dinner and Gold Stars © Robyn Michele Levy 1989 Raised on Kraft Dinner® and gold stars Chauffeured ‘round in fancy cars Pop-Tart® farts at the breakfast table T.V. Dinners with Rogers cable Froot Loops® drowned in two-percent Do … Continue reading

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Heart-Breaking News: The Flying Pig Presumed Lost in Space After Failing To Meet Curiosity on Mars

Like many Cyberspace stories, it all started with a GreatDismal tweet: “Okay, when is Curiosity ETA in PST?” Intrigued, I quickly discovered that Curiosity was NASA‘s hightech Space Rover and somehow it was flying autonomously and closing in on Mars. Knowing “it’s … Continue reading

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Mirth Shattering News! Scientists Discover Location of Funny Bone in Female Writers

Scientists have long debated when female writers first mastered humour — a transformative event that influenced what pictographs were displayed in ancient caves and may have even fueled the evolution of modern day literary contests. Now, new evidence has emerged … Continue reading

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Robyn Michele Levy Talks To The Vancouver Sun About Battling Disease With Humour

“I have always had a dark sense of humour… (it’s) a social instrument that reconnects me with people; a defence mechanism that protects my emotional fragility; an escape mechanism that distracts me from my health issues and an artistic device … Continue reading

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