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2 Responses to SexySickChicLit

  1. Melanie Elliott says:

    Wow…..oh so much to thnk about having just been diagnosed with breast cancer of both breasts and living with the effects of a brain injury (wheelchair dependent etc.) and progressive neurological limitations. Through the efforts, talents and gifts of Ruth Clark’s “Fashion Moving” I am encouraged that I can remain womanly. From all indications, I can remain busy, productive, engaging and live a life with meaning and purpose.
    With great fortune, I have recently realized that I gain great inner peace through the process of writing…..this has become a surprise and so timely. I am however an artist that feels somewhat lost however through the writing, I have come to know (intuitively) that this too will become my friend once again.
    From my initial scan of your work I would encourage you to continue as you have a powerful way to pass on some deeply needed messages.

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