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Parkinson’s Scrabble

Parkinson’s Scrabble

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2 Responses to Parkinson’s Scrabble

  1. Thank you, Robyn, for dedicating your art to Betty’s Love and Ann Devine Williams!
    We help families thrive despite Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (and anything, including PD, that can affect cognition). So much we CAN do in JOY!™ @BettysLove
    Ann is a Parkinson’s Warrior for 27 years, who taught herself to paint just five years ago … and, when Ann paints, she shakes not. Oh, yes … Ann CAN Paint!™ @Devine_Ann
    Know we keep you, Robyn, and all Parkinson Warriors in our prayers.
    Thanks for including Alzheimer families, Betty’s Love Alzheimer’s Charities, and ‘The’ Betty’s crazy daughter (!) in yours, too.
    Maureen M Gavan, fortunate, grateful, and proud daughter of Joe and of Betty, who battled Alzheimer’s disease for more than 25 years with Grace and courage – and, always, did ordinary things with extraordinary Love
    C.L.O. and Executive Director
    Betty’s Love Alzheimer’s Charities
    708-420-LOVE (-5683)

    Betty’s Love ensures families find support they need, get information they deserve, and take action every day … -with-Love.

    There’s so much we CAN do with JOY to boost cognition, connections, and quality of life!

    Follow Betty’s Love on Twitter:

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