My Grandma’s Advice

ghost Animation2Seventy-five years ago today, my Baba was in labour with her first child — my Dad.

Advice is free, my Grandma had plenty
She married for love when she was twenty
She always said don’t hold in your pee
Try not to burp in mixed company
Don’t eat food that fell on the floor
When home alone don’t answer the door
And never take the Lord’s name in vain
Don’t jump on the bed ’cause you’ll jumble your brain
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
Wear long-johns in winter so you don’t freeze
Remember your manners, don’t eat yellow snow
Don’t pick at your scabs, always flush after you go
Play musical chairs, not musical beds
Don’t play with your food or with your meds!

Copyright Robyn Michele Levy 2013

About Robyn Michele Levy

I am an artist, writer, radio broadcaster, performer, mother, breast cancer survivor. I also have Parkinson's disease. My memoir, Most of Me, is available at local and on-line bookstores.
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2 Responses to My Grandma’s Advice

  1. Terrye Kuper says:

    Great advice. That Aunty Annie of mine is still missed.
    Hugs, t.

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