The Flying Pig Heads to National Parkinson Foundation in Miami, Florida to Get Free “Aware In Care” Kit

Flying pigs may not be kosher, but they sure are cute. And they love free stuff! This one was tipped off by Bev Ribaudo —  friend and fellow Parkie — who explained that the National Parkinson Foundation is giving away Aware in Care kits for free to people with Parkinson’s  in the U.S.A.! Each kit includes tools and information to help you keep track of your medication schedule. This comes in handy if you are abducted by aliens or wind up in hospital and need your meds administered on time. The kit also contains a Parkinson’s Disease ID Bracelet, Medical Alert Card, Medication Form, and a Parkinson’s Disease Fact Sheet (useful reminder if you happen to forget what it’s like to have this disease). If you live in Canada or some other country, all the forms and documents are free to download. And wherever you are, feel free to click here to make a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation.


About Robyn Michele Levy

I am an artist, writer, radio broadcaster, performer, mother, breast cancer survivor. I also have Parkinson's disease. My memoir, Most of Me, is available at local and on-line bookstores.
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2 Responses to The Flying Pig Heads to National Parkinson Foundation in Miami, Florida to Get Free “Aware In Care” Kit

  1. Thank you, Robyn, for letting the Parkinson’s community know about this free Aware in Care kit. The National Parkinson Foundation wants to help you and/or your care partner advocate for quality care during a hospital stay. Please feel free to call our toll-free Helpline, 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) Monday–Friday to get your Parkinson’s questions answered.

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