The Parkinson Princess and the Pee: Part 4

That night, the Parkinson Princess had a peculiar dream. Her husband had planted her in their garden. The sun was hiding behind a cloud and she felt chilled to the bone. Slowly, the cloud drifted away and the sun began to shine on the Parkinson Princess. The warmth penetrated her brain, causing synapses to snap and neurotransmitters to mutter and flutter about. And then it happened! The Parkinson Princess turned over a new leaf. And then another. And another. Until she was covered entirely in new leaves.
To be continued…


About Robyn Michele Levy

I am an artist, writer, radio broadcaster, performer, mother, breast cancer survivor. I also have Parkinson's disease. My memoir, Most of Me, is available at local and on-line bookstores.
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2 Responses to The Parkinson Princess and the Pee: Part 4

  1. eyeLaugh says:

    your animation is so pretty!!!!

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