On a Roll

The other day while grocery shopping, I somehow ended up pushing another customer’s cart. I made it all the way from the chicken to the checkout before I realized what I’d done. Staring at the slabs of meat someone else had picked out, I retraced my steps in the hopes of finding my buggy – with my groceries — and returning this one to its rightful owner.

It took a while, but eventually the swap was made. The middle-aged woman was slightly agitated that I’d walked off with her buggy. I was slightly agitated that she assumed I was the culprit. After all, it could have been her.

But I doubt it. Ten minutes later, it happened again. After cart-swapping with another miffed middle-aged woman, I paid for my groceries and wondered why I was so distracted. Was menopause to blame? Or breast cancer? Perhaps Parkinson’s disease? Could cart-swapping lead to something more serious?

Who knows? And I’m not going to worry – unless somehow I end up driving someone else’s car to someone else’s home and unpacking someone else’s groceries…



About Robyn Michele Levy

I am an artist, writer, radio broadcaster, performer, mother, breast cancer survivor. I also have Parkinson's disease. My memoir, Most of Me, is available at local and on-line bookstores.
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2 Responses to On a Roll

  1. I hope you at least got a good laugh out of the cart swapping…I did.
    Enjoyed your writing!!

  2. I must admit, it’s funnier now than it was at the time…

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