Entitled to a Title

I’m writing a book. It’s a memoir about me – and my two diseases. Some might say I’ve got it made. After all, I’ve got a publisher and an editor. But I haven’t got a title. And I need to get one, fast.

I’ve been racking my brain for months (which is probably not the best thing to do when you have a neurodegenerative disease). So far, I’ve come up with dozens of ideas. But not the perfect title. It has to be catchy but not contagious, informative but not formal, clever but not clinical.

If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.



About Robyn Michele Levy

I am an artist, writer, radio broadcaster, performer, mother, breast cancer survivor. I also have Parkinson's disease. My memoir, Most of Me, is available at local and on-line bookstores.
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5 Responses to Entitled to a Title

  1. Lisa Bull says:

    Robyn –
    So great to hear your voice again – I’ve missed it! And, I love the art that you’ve been creating…I wish I could attend your show! Maybe you could take it on the road and come to Toronto?
    I was reading all of your postings and thought that a good title for your book might be “I Hate to Brag: Stories of My Two Diseases (or some such sub-title)!
    I’m sending you lots of love,

  2. Hi Lisa.
    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll put it on the list.
    A show in Toronto would be fun…maybe it will happen. Of course, you can attend virtually…

  3. I like that title.
    And I have to brag, too: I have incurable blood cancer.
    Tit for tat?
    C. Bitch

  4. Can we trade something else? Perhaps a chin hair or a mole? I only have one tit left…

    • I only have one, too, but after running around for 3 years with just one breast, I got a “prosthesis” (not really one; it doesn’t give milk) and bought two nipples to stick on it. You have to buy the nipples as a pair, for $45, and insurance doesn’t cover them.

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