My Merry Medicated Christmas Book List

merry Animation1Wishing you all a loving & literary season!

Buy one, some, or all of these books:  Most of Me: Surviving My Medical Meltdown  *  Parkinson’s Humor – Funny Stories About My Life With Parkinson’s Disease  *  Attemptations: Short, Long and Longer Stories  *  Diving-Bell And The Butterfly  *  Always Looking Up: The Adventures Of An Incurable Optimist  *  The Middle Place  *  Awakenings   *  My Stroke Of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey  *  A Life Worth Dying For: The Jim Mandelin Story 

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Vancouver’s Porridge For Parkinson’s Fundraiser Is On Sunday, November 17

Get out your spoons! Get out your wallets!
The 13th Annual Porridge For Parkinson’s takes place Sunday, November 18th.
If you can’t be there in person, you can donate on line.

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#AmWriting — lost in space

lost in space Animation1I’m working on a new book — another creative non-fiction. I’ll still be blogging, but less frequently.

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Dear WestJet Employee organizing “Win a Free Flight” contest

west jet Animation1I think I should win this contest considering my leg involuntarily lifts up in this exact position! And not just while I’m hugging someone. Also while chopping vegetables, loading the dishwasher & much to my chagrin — whenever I see a dog urinating on a tree. Oh, the perks of Parkinson’s disease…
P.S. I’m also a breast cancer survivor

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I’m Still Waiting for Craig Ferguson…

Craig Wait Animation1I’m still waiting for Craig Ferguson “to plunge his patriotic flagpole into my foreign soil…and when he does I’ll say, It’s A Great Day For Canada!” — page 197  Most Of Me: Surviving My Medical Meltdown

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We’re Bringing SexySickChicLit to WORD Vancouver on Sunday, September 29th

kimrobynsunAnimation4Word Vancouver, Western Canada’s largest celebration of literacy and reading, kicks off today and continues through the weekend. Please join Kim Clark and me this Sunday at 3:30 pm in the Canada Writes Tent for some of our sassy SexySickChicLit.

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Return of the Doggerel & Daughter

Naomi home Animation1Renovating their private room
Will be ready very soon
Till then, my bed, we snuggle in the dark
I count my blessings and the barks

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Robyn Michele Levy’s Recipe for Dealing with Disaster

Serve with endless supply of unconditional love.
May substitute physicians with rabbis…medicine with prayer.

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Somewhere In The Rainbow: Beloved & Sweet Merrick Cohen

Merrick Cohen
1988 – 2013

 Beloved & sweet son, brother, grandchild, relative, friend, partner, student, traveler… R.I.P.

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Today’s Big Pharma Forecast For Robyn Michele Levy’s Brain

Today is a dizzy new day in your neurodegenerative life!  Your brain chemistry — particularly your dopamine levels — are seriously depleted.  Follow neuropsychiatrist’s advice: Maintain current  medication regime. Spend August on Saturna Island. Rest. Relax. Read. Write. Unwind. Unplug. Until September…

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