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The Flying Pig Heads to Britain for The Edible Masterpieces Fundraiser

Flying pigs may not be kosher, but they sure are cute. And they love fundraisers! Especially when they feature art and food. This pig popped up in my dream and flew all the way to The Art Fund in Britain, … Continue reading

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Share Your Happy Birthday Cake Stories with Me!

When I was a kid, birthday cakes could be dangerous. Some mothers would fold pennies and nickels into the batter. “For good luck,” they’d say, popping it into the oven. I believed the good luck part. Especially if the mother … Continue reading

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Robyn Michele Levy’s Recipe for Dealing with Disaster

It’s helped me. I hope it helps you.

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Queen of the Aisle

That’s me – back when I loved grocery shopping – before I got Parkinson’s and breast cancer.

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Tandem Acts of Kindness

The Rolling Stones were right – you can’t always get what you want. But sometimes you get what you need: a delicious home-cooked meal from a friend and a long-distance promise from a stranger.

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In Synch

Yesterday, my daughter and I synchronized our lives. Together we shopped. We walked. We talked.  We baked. We laughed I hope we do this again sometime soon.

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Lessons learned from a lemon pie

This is what you get when you  zest, squeeze, measure, mix, press, roll, boil, beat, stir and bake lemons, sugar, flour, water, cornstarch, eggs and shortening and then, of course, slice and devour…  

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